Strategic Plan

The achievement goal of our current School Strategic Plan is to develop the vishwabharti Primary School curriculum model. So staff could easily identify the relationship

The engagement goal is to build teacher understanding of their role for students personalizing their learning and school wide understanding of the three types of learning:

  • Individual
  • Differentiated
  • Personalized

The WELLBEING GOAL is to continue to build an inclusive community of learners that embeds a sense of belonging where the whole child is supported, challenged and monitored.

Our GOALS are supported by two initiatives from the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes.

  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Building Practice Excellence


Ivanhoe Primary School is committed to:

  • To provide an educational program that develops students’ curiosity and creativity.
  • To develop responsible and engaged learners.
  • To foster tolerance, respect and acceptance of others.
  • To build each student’s resilience and self-esteem.
  • To provide a curriculum that is rich and relevant and allows all students to succeed.
  • To promote a strong, supportive partnership between home and the school and the wider community.
  • To have high expectations of ourselves and others.