It was the year of 1963. Independent India was spreading horizons. The sun rise was seen at the horizon of independent India. It was time when Vishwabharati Bal Vidyalay was established by Shree Sureshbhai Shukla. Education was still not vast accepted. Awareness of girls’ education was out of sight in the conservative mindset. It was the same year when Vishwabharati Girls’ School was established. Time demanded need of high school. Vishwabharati High School was established in 1975.

New education policy came in to existence in action in 1976. This institute has started Science, Commerce and Arts streams. Since then, many students have topped in all the streams. The school has always got more than 80% result in board examination.

The school has produced innumerable doctors, engineers, lawyers, leaders, actors and sensible citizens.

The school has been using ICT since 1980, i.e. since ICT in education came in existence. The school has computers since then.

In 1985, the school started learning with camera.Since then the school has been providing education to the underprivileged children. Vishwabharti is pride of old walled Ahmedabad city.